Welcome to 2015!


Happy New Year everyone! No new review this week (boo) but an update about the coming year. Terror Tuesday is going from strength to strength and it is nearly one year old. Things are going to change slightly in the coming year, due to work commitments I am moving to Sweden meaning there are hopefully going to be a lot more guest posts. If any of you want to contribute a review the only requirements are that it has to be approximately 500 words long on any horror film (that hasn’t already been reviewed), it could be zombies, monsters, ghosts or serial killers, from any country and any decade, if you are interested email me with what film you’d like to do (so I make sure it doesn’t get done beforehand!) at charlie.wand[at]gmail.com.

happy 2015




No review this week, “What?!” I hear you all cry? Well I have lots of very exciting news (and not much time) so I thought it would be good to let you all know what’s going on. As some of my regular visitors may or may not have noticed the site has changed slightly with a new bar down the right-hand side containing both a way to easily follow so you don’t miss out on your weekly horror fix. There is also a lovely word cloud of tags, so if you are looking for anything in particular, for example a movie from the 1980s or you are in the mood for a creature film then there is an easy way to see what’s been reviewed previously there. You may also have noticed a new header complete with blood drops, just to make it clear that Terror Tuesday is a horror blog.

I’ve also become a member of the Horror Blogger Alliance, an online community for, well, Horror Bloggers. So if you get time head on over there to check out the other great blogs on all different aspects of horror. I’ve also recently had my first guest review, Dead Silence by Jenny Mugridge which I thoroughly enjoyed reading and can’t wait for any more guest reviews. With that in mind, consider this a call out for submissions! All I need is 500 or so words on a horror film of your choice, it can be any film you like as long as it falls within the horror genre and hasn’t already been reviewed. It’s a great chance to get your writing out there and at 500 words, it’s not a massive commitment.

There are some exciting films coming up in the near future including Death Bed: The Bed that Eats (a suggestion from a while back but I have only recently found my copy) and the Warrior King 2, a thai martial arts film (loosely horror, it’s my blog so I get to decide what goes in!) which I recently won in a competition over at Horror Cult Films.

Normal service will resume next week, you’ll have to wait to see what film it’s going to be!