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Komodo vs. Cobra (2005)

Komodo vs Cobra

I don’t really know where to start with Komodo vs. Cobra, otherwise known as KvC, it is the B-movie a film of that title promises to be. The film opens on the survivors of a US scientific base on an island in the South Pacific running for their lives from a giant Komodo dragon of their creation, unfortunately two don’t make it but their companions escape to a picturesque waterfall only for their other creation, a giant cobra to spring up from the stream and swiftly consume the lead scientist leaving only his (very attractive) daughter.

After the scientists miss their daily check-in, the US military investigate and decide to go with the most “sensible” plan of blowing up the island and all the creatures on it, including any civilians such as the unfortunate news-crew-come-animal rights protestors that have illegally landed on the island to expose the “evil science” (more fool them!). The crew comprises of three environmentalists, a C-list celebrity who has fallen in love with one of the protestors and a TV reporter and her camera man, none of whom are very convincing in their roles. Along with the crew there is the incredibly macho captain Mike Stoddard, played by Michael Paré (The Virgin Suicides, Street of Fire) who is not only able to drive them all to the island but a capable helicopter pilot in possession of an amazing gun that never needs reloading firing well over 15 shots at a time at the giant monsters even though they never do any damage. Pretty soon they all realise that they need to get off the island before the government close down (aka blow up) the island project but the only way is through an island infested with giant komodo dragons and cobras (yes, there are more than one of each!)

Two things that made me really angry with KvC were the “science” and the logic behind it. Apart from the limitless ammo in Stoddard’s gun, at the start we are told that by not moving the Komodo dragon won’t see you and you can escape (think T-Rex in Jurassic Park), however at the end when one inconveniently appears between the survivors and the helicopter, we are told that it is drawn to the helicopter as it smells like humans, if this is the case, surely it would be able to smell you even if you are stationary and eat you?! The reasoning behind creating the giant beasts is dubious, the US military funding the project wants to use the “growth matrix” developed to increase crop production in two randomly picked animals (it could easily have been Hamster vs. Robin) in order to gain a vaccine to use on troops to protect them from human diseases. This makes absolutely no sense whatsoever, why do the animals need to be giant to do this? Clearly the outcome is going to be giant animals you can’t control. Also, I doubt the DNA matrix created for plants (which we still don’t know the long term impact of) would so readily be applicable to animals.

The budget for the film was clearly all spent on the aerial shots and location in the South Pacific, leaving very little for the (arguably very important) CG of the giant animals. What little plot there is in the film is almost identical to Director and Writer Jim Wynorski’s previous film, Curse of the Komodo, also featuring giant Komodo dragons. The dialogue and acting in KvC is predictable and stunted leaving me questioning why would anyone say that? Rather than helping the film progress.

Whilst the film closes on the battle we are all watching the film for, which is better a Komodo dragon or a Cobra, we never receive a definitive answer, so bets are still on for the inevitable sequel!

Rating: I can’t decide if it is so bad it is good so I’m plumping for an average score of 2/5