The Haunting in Connecticut 2: Ghosts of Georgia (2013)

The Haunting in Connecticut 2

The Haunting in Connecticut 2 (THIC2) is based on the real life story of the Wyrick family and their horrific experience with spirits of previous inhabitants of their new farmhouse. The film centres around the daughter, Heidi, played by Emily Alyn Lind (Enter the Void) who begins seeing Mr Gordy (Grant James, Tombstone), a friendly, if silent, older well-dressed man. Heidi’s parents, Lisa and Andy played by Abigail Spencer (Cowboys & Aliens) and Chad Michael Murray (One Tree Hill) respectively, initially think the Mr. Gordy is an imaginary friend. However, with the help of Lisa’s free-spirited sister, Joyce (Katee Sackhoff, Halloween: Resurrection), it soon becomes clear that he is he spirit of the previous owner in the 1970s. Soon though, Heidi is visited by less benevolent spirits and things come to a head when she discovers a secret cellar. Heidi’s psychic ability was inherited from her mother’s side and through the film we see Lisa’s attempt to cope with her spiritual visions through the use of prescription drugs and Joyce’s more opposing philosophical approach to them.

Through a visit from the local pastor and information from Mr. Gordy, we learn that the house and land that the Wyrick’s purchased used to be used as the base of the underground railway used for escaping slaves. The pastor sings the praises of Mr. Gordy’s stationmaster ancestor it is through Heidi and Mr. Gordy we learn a more sinister tale of his taxidermy hobby and how the neighbouring landowners killed him, stuffing him with sawdust (a la stuffing a taxidermy) and hung him from a tree on the land.

THIC2 produces some good jumps but never really scares, the set pieces should be impressive (including the woman hanging from threads on the movie poster) but are lack lustre and seem unconnected to the story. The story seems confused, trying to cram in as many ‘classic’ scary moments including an exorcism (although in the film it is a ‘blessing’, it has all the marks of an exorcism) and the discovery of several skeletons. After reading about the real-life Wyrick family, it also seems to deviate greatly from the reported events so the film doesn’t even have realism going for it.

The worst thing about THIC2 is the lack of connection and cohesion with the first film, indeed the film is not even set in Connecticut! THIC2 claims to be a ‘brother film’ of the original but in my opinion it is so far removed, completely different characters, actors and director that it is just a weak unoriginal film cashing in on the moderate success of The Haunting in Connecticut. I wouldn’t really recommend THIC2 to anyone, it does not deliver the promised scares but it not bad enough to be good.

Rating: 2/5


Fun (or not so fun) Fact: A second sequel (The Haunting in Connecticut 3 maybe?) has been announced and set in New York (also not Connecticut).


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